What is Dried Fruit South Africa all about?

Dried Fruit South Africa is an industry alliance formed in 2019 to champion the interests of the sector in South Africa.

Dried Fruit South Africa consists of industry players coming together to work towards earning a reputation as the voice of the Dried Fruit Industry in South Africa.

As a collective, we aim to be recognised and respected for the well-being of our members and consumers alike.

Dried Fruit South Africa members are dedicated to practising sustainable agriculture, producing quality products and contributing to happy, healthy communities that understand the benefits of dried fruit. It is our vision become a trustworthy source of information on South African Dried Fruit and to promote the consumption of all types of dried fruit. To achieve this, we intend to create a distinctive presence that will encourage South Africans to be engaged, informed and inspired by real goodness.

Let’s get real for a minute

Have you seen it?

The fake news. The fake science.

Because everyone is an “expert”.

Fat is bad. Fat is good.

Are carbs still bad?

Eat regular snacks.

Oh, no wait. It’s better to fast.

What the heck? Which one is it?

We crave some old-school balance.

Where science and common sense meets.

Is dried fruit healthy? Yes, it is.

Why? Because it’s fresh fruit, dried in the sun.

It lasts longer and punches well above its weight.

It has more fibre, more anti-oxidants,

and more micronutrients per gram.

And yes, it has more calories.

But think healthy calories vs “empty calories”.

Dried fruit is a natural sweet treat.

And that is about as real as it’s going to get.

Get real. Eat Dried fruit.


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